Stranger Things Pinball Flipper Settings

Stern has recently produced a new batch of Stranger Things pinball machines. If you're a fan of the TV show this is a must-have pinball theme.

I've delivered and set up a few of these machines and I'd like to share a quick adjustment that should make the game more enjoyable. On all of the machines I've set up, the flipper strength has been too strong for this game. What's the problem with this? Well, in the middle of the playfield are a set of drop targets. With flippers set to their default strength, a straight shot on these targets will cause the ball to hit so hard that it will bounce up and back and hit the glass or bounce back and behind the flippers (immediately draining). These air balls are very annoying.

My suggestion is to go to Adj in the Service menu and then the ST menu. Items 106 and 107 are the left and right flippers. I've had success setting the left flipper to a power setting of 210 and the right to 205. So far this has shown a good balance of having enough power to get the ball up the left and right ramps but also not being too powerful to cause the ball to jump into the air. Each machine is slightly different and depending upon the pitch on the machine these settings might not be perfect for your particular machine. However, so far, these settings have been a good starting point to go off of on the machines I've set up.

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