About Us

Tim Smith

I’m Tim Smith. I’m the owner of Pixels & Pinball. I’ve been an arcade game and pinball machine nut since the 70’s. For years I’ve wanted to open a pinbar, a bar with pinball machines. The problem with that is that I don’t like to stay up late and I don’t think I could make enough money to keep the doors open with drinks and game play alone (I have no interest in cooking food).

I then came to the realization that while I like to drink, I like pinball more. I could probably take my love for the game and turn it into something a little bit more than a hobby.  

And that’s how we have Pixels & Pinball. I’m an official Stern Pinball dealer. Stern has been around forever and when you think of pinball, you’re probably thinking about a game made by Stern. There is really high demand for Stern’s games and they are snatched up as they come off the production line. If there’s a specific game you want, let me know.

I’ll be doing my best to keep the latest games in the store so you can try them at our location in Acton, MA. I’ll also do my best to keep the games in stock so that when you’re ready to purchase, we’ll have one ready for you.

If you live in the New England area please consider swinging by and saying hello.


The Showroom
It's going to take a while to build up the collection of games on display but I thought it might be good to show what we currently have.

pinball machines

Jurassic Park Premium on the other side.

jurassic park premium

And a close up of the games.

pinball machines