Foo Fighter Pinball Machine Announced

Foo Fighters Pinball Machine

Details of Stern's latest pinball machine are out. This machine is based on the Foo Fighters and features 15 of their songs. However, this is more than just your average rock band pinball machine. Working with the band, the designers at Stern came up with a storyline of the Foo Fighters as characters in a fictional Saturday morning cartoon. They're on a mission to thwart the evil alien Overlord and his army of robots. Your humanity from extinction and let rock rule!

We often get asked about the differences between the Pro, Premium, and LE versions. Attached is the feature matrix that breaks down the difference, so hopefully that will shed some light on it. As the games are produced we'll be getting them into the store and at that point you'll be able to come in and check them out for yourself.

For more details of the game can be found here:

Foo Fighters Pro Pinball Machine

Foo Fighters Premium Pinball Machine


If you live in MA or the greater New England area, reach out to pre-order from us.

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